PACCO , one of the traditional food of PALOPO

Yesterday april 1st 2009 was non a special day but something special in that morning, my bigger brother and my younger brother came from makassar. Suddenly, that my bigger brother order me to buy a lot of raw fish in the market and that morning me and my family  eat PACCO again (strange food name isn`t it?). yeah its true, may be for a lot of people especially outside of my hometown palopo it was strange name for a food. PACCO is a traditional food from my hometown and also my favorite food. It made from a raw fish which mixed with flavour and sprinkled with vinegar water. It may heard rather hideous, but for us, people of palopo it was delicious food. It may felt strange for the firsttime if you eat it, but once you have taste it, you will know how delicous it was. If only you know how i feel that morning, i cant descript how delicous it was. Together with my family we make it together with full harmonies. There`s still one more traditional food i really would like to eat again, because it been so long i haven`t eat it, and that food was LAWA’ (another strange food name). what is Lawa`? i will tell it in another time


~ oleh odhy pada April 3, 2009.

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  1. Curanggg! Tidak panggl2…

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